Day Programs

Along with finding fulfilling work, Equal Opportunities West provides recreational activities that promote friendship, physical activity, and social skills.

One afternoon may be spent at the YMCA swimming, while another might see everyone trying to bowl their best game at the local lane. Many of the individuals in the program are avid sports fans, and they’ve been known to take in Winnipeg Jets’ practice at the MTS Iceplex or a Winnipeg Blue Bombers game.

In-house at Equal Opportunities West’s headquarters individuals can chose to workout in the gym area, take in a DVD movie or book in the quiet room, safely surf the web in the computer lab, or just catch-up with each other on the lounge couches.

Before joining Equal Opportunities West many of these individuals lived a stationary life with limited social activity or interaction. Through day programs staff have seen shy personalities become outgoing and confident; negative behaviours become less frequent, or non-existent; inactive individuals become championship bowlers and swimmers.