E-waste and Recycling

According to Environment Canada, 140,000 tonnes of e-waste is dumped annually in Canadian landfills. Equal Opportunities West’s goal with their e-waste and recycling program is two-fold - help keep Manitoba’s environment clean and safe, while helping individuals with disabilities find meaningful work.

The group accepts old computers, hard drives, and other electronic waste, and through the program individuals breakdown each device, stripping wires, removing screws, and dismantling circuit boards. Once the materials are separated they are sent to Urban Mine, a local scrap metal facility, which in turn pays for the parts. Each individual who works in the e-waste program receives a portion of the money in the form of a paycheque.

For those that receive only basic assistance this money allows them to top up their food bill, or have the option to go see a movie, buy new clothes, or whatever special activity/item they choose.

Not only does the program offer meaningful work to individuals, it also acts as a physiotherapy tool, helping develop or improve fine motor skills.

Equal Opportunities West continues to actively seek donations/contributions of e-waste from businesses and the private sector to ensure these busy hands keep moving.


We gratefully accept donations of the following items

* Computers and laptops

* Printers, laser printers, ink jet printers, dot matrix printers

* Photo copiers, fax machines

* Monitors, flat screen, tube

* TV sets, flat screen, tube

* Home electronic, stereos, amplifiers, speakers

* Small kitchen appliances, micro waves, mixers, blenders, toasters

* Vacuums

* Power tools

* Car batteries

* Phones

* All metal objects, all metals

* Aluminum cans

* All cables and wires

Due to safety restrictions we cannot accept refrigerators or air conditioners