Supported Employment

Since its initial inception, Equal Opportunities West has provided supported employment services to the community.


EOW's Supported Employment Services (SES) is a free resource to anyone who has disability, including self-declared disabilities, and mental health concerns. SES is also available for individuals who experience other barriers to finding employment (e.g. language barrier).


Currently 30 to 40 potential job-seekers per year utilize Equal Opportunities West to help participants develop or improve resumes, fill out job applications and requirements, as well as receive advice on how to approach a job interview and work with potential employers to hold steady, long-term employment.


The expectation is that someone receiving this type of service will be able to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.


Email to inquire about our supported employment program. 


Funding Provided by:

The Government of Canada           The Manitoba Government


Financement fourni par:

Le gouvernement du Canada        Le gouvernement du Manitoba