If you come on the right day, Jackie’s lively smile is the first thing you’ll see when you walk through Equal Opportunities West’s doors. While she loves to man the phones, and greet guests (and sneak on the reception computer to scan Facebook) she also works in the organization’s e-waste and recycling program, as well as other clerical work, such as folding letters or cards.


The bubbly 46-year-old has been with Equal Opportunities West for five years, and can’t say enough good things about the friends she’s made during her time in the program.


“I love the people,” she says with a twinkle in her eye as she starts naming off some of her favourite staff. “I love working here.”


Jackie is also known to take a little downtime from all her duties. She joins the group on their day trips to the YMCA to swim, while on other days she can be found baking cookies in the organization’s kitchen.


On your way out the door, you’ll probably get a hug or at the very least a warm comment that will make you want to come back.