Whether it’s football or hockey, Richard is cheering for the home team. The 26 year old recalls his highlight of 2014 was getting to meet former Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Buck Pierce who stopped by Equal Opportunities West.


Along with other individuals in the organization’s day programs, he’s also taken in Jets’ practices at the MTS Iceplex, cheered at NHL games, and enjoyed the summer sun at Bomber games.


Having fun is only a part of Richard’s plan at Equal Opportunities West. He’s also a highly-dedicated, motivated worker. Before joining the organization he would travel an hour on the bus to go to work, and an hour back home. The trips were taking a toll on his health and wellbeing, and his family thought Equal Opportunities West would be a better fit since it was closer to home.


Luckily for both parties the partnership worked out great. Richard works in the organization’s e-waste and recycling program breaking down hard drives. This job for him is tri-fold - he’s found a job that he loves doing and gives him confidence; he makes a money to further his avid sports habit; and it acts as a form of physiotherapy. Richard also does some dedicated physio work with staff two days a week to ensure he’s healthy enough to keep working towards his goals.


He states in the future he’d like to have his own apartment - an ambition both the staff and Richard’s family are happy to work towards.