Define the “perfect man.” Some say he should be caring and kind; others state a requirement is having a good job; may be style is important to some; being good at sports could be it too. Well, pick anyone of those descriptors and you’re talking about Jesse.


The 25 year old started at Equal Opportunities West in 2013 and quickly became a proud employee. He not only works in the organization’s e-waste and recycling program, but he also has a job at Safeway where he stocks milk, stacks egg cartons, and helps bag groceries - his favourite part of the job.


With his hard earned money he says he likes to buy clothes, save some for his trips to Arizona with family, and, like any perfect man, use it to lavish gifts on his girlfriend, Kim.


The pair work side-by-side stripping wires; Jesse helps Kim, who was recently diagnosed with MS, when the work gets too hard for her hands. He says one day he’d like to get married - a goal that Equal Opportunities West doesn’t balk at just because of a disability.


Jesse works hard, but he also plays hard. Tuesdays and Saturdays you’ll find him bowling either on his own or with a team. He states his best score so far has been 256, but one day that perfect 300 will come in to play.