Lunch Program and Life Skills

Lunch Program and Life SkillsSince adding a kitchen into their building Equal Opportunities West looks to nourish both the body and the mind with a lunch program.

Many of the program’s individuals started with little knowledge of good nutrition. The lunch program introduces participants to new, healthy food options, as well as various ways to prepare them. While it make take a little time with some of the dishes, individuals come away enjoying these better-for-you choices which keep them properly fuelled for their day ahead.

The kitchen also lends itself as a teaching tool. Learning basic food preparation and cooking techniques, serving skills, and clean-up not only breeds confidence and independence, but it adds a valuable skill set which has lead to participants obtaining jobs in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

It’s also just a lot of fun - many of the individuals now cite baking or cooking as a favourite past-time!

During the lunch hour group participants also learn the value of table manners, and proper meal etiquette. While it may seem trivial, it is an important part of social interaction, whether it be out with friend, family, or in a working environment.