Our Vision

Equal Opportunities West believes that every person has abilities which may not have been fully realized

Every person is a vital part of our community.

We are committed to empowering the individual by providing quality services that are flexible and supportive of their needs, desires and dreams.

Equal Opportunities West strives  to provide services that promote individual choice.


Our Values

We believe that the people we support are unique individuals with intrinsic worth and the right to live a life of dignity.

We believe that individuals with disabilities have the right to live meaningful lives while fully participating in their own community.

We believe that our services assist and support the individual to be as independent as possible.

We believe that it is our role to support and empower the individual to make his or her own decisions.

Our employees define the organization. Ongoing training enables staff to provide the highest quality service to the individuals we support.

We believe that no single model will serve every need.